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Health Care Reform: How it will affect dental insurance in Washington

WSDA has been closely tracking the implementation of health care reform in Washington state. Passage of the federal Affordable Care Act and the Washington state supplemental legislation will change the individual and small group insurance markets beginning in 2014. Earlier this year, the WDSA Board of Directors created the Task Force on Health Care Reform to monitor health care reform activities and make recommendations as appropriate.

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We had a great turnout for this years’ annual Mentor Reception which was held in association with the UW Dental Alumni group and sponsored by WDIA and ASDA. The Mentor Reception is held to provide students and their mentors a chance to meet face-to-face as busy schedules often only allow for phone calls or emails to be exchanged.

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PORTFOLIO LONGEVITY: What Constitutes an Optimally Designed Investment Portfolio?

 Portfolio Longevity: The successful conversion of retirement savings into a secure, sustainable stream of income requires three things:

A comprehensive financial plan—outlining how much, when and how to withdraw from your portfolio—is the foundation for a well-designed retirement income strategy;

Sophisticated portfolio design—including extreme diversification across multiple asset classes, companies and countries, customized for your unique vision and risk tolerance profile—positions the investment and retirement income strategy for success;

Beyond-the-market portfolio management—the big-picture implementation and oversight of your portfolio design—can generate incremental return beyond that derived from the portfolio design itself. 

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In 1864, the ADA recognized dentist Horace Wells for introducing anesthesia to the United States.

Anesthesia — in gas, liquid and solid form — has always played a vital role in the delivery of dental care. In October, ADA House of Delegates had a rousing debate over Resolution 16, which would have recognized dental anesthesia as a specialty. It lost. I rarely indulge in post mortems on resolutions but this one still bothers me.

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