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Dental Residency Programs are Expanding in Washington State


In the last five years, Washington state has seen a dramatic increase in the number of general dental practice residency (GPR) and community health center-based programs. Washington's residency programs vary in size, location, and specialty; ranging from hospital-based programs in Seattle to community health center-based programs in rural small towns like Toppenish and Walla Walla. What all of the residency programs have in common is that they all expand the dental safety net with dentists who can perform the full scope of procedures as a dentist.

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The "Hands of Love" humanitarian effort in the Guatemalan village of Raxruhá, in central Guatemala, needs dentists and dental auxiliary staff. Steve Albright, and wife, Paula Cipolla, will be part of this annual team. Dates of the trip are Frebruary 20 - March 3, cost is $1,500 & includes airfare, transportation in country and meals. No language proficiency required. To find out more, call the number below. 

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Dr. Mike Buehler heads up project in Yakima

Longtime WSDA member Dr. Mike Buehler isn't letting retirement slow him down. He recently spearheaded the drive to get a new clinic built for the Union Gospel Mission in Yakima, set to open on February 6. The Yakima Herald did a piece on his efforts, read it here.

The Clinic will hold an Open House on Friday, Feb. 15 from 2-7 pm, at  1300 N. 1st St.  Ste. 106, Yakima — if you're in the area, stop in and congratulate Dr. Buehler and all the folks who made the clinic a reality!


WSDA, Coalition Advocate for Adult Dental Medicaid

In 2011, dental coverage for most Medicaid-insured adults was eliminated. The same year funding was also cut for Community Health Centers to treat uninsured. As a result, nearly 450,000 low-income adults, including many people with disabilities and 130,000 seniors, were left with only access to emergency care.

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