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WOHF’s Annual Phone-A-Thon is their biggest fund raiser

New this year — more callers
The WOHF Phone-A-Thon has always been the organization’s biggest fundraiser, carried out by a cadre of dentists dedicated to the work the Foundation does around the state. And while WOHF staffers are relying on some of those same folks again this year, they’re also organizing callers from around the state who will ring up their colleagues throughout the month of March on behalf of the Foundation. “We’re hoping that by spreading out our calls over a month and employing a regional approach to calling, we’ll be able to reach more members from across the state than ever,” said Tom Tidyman, Director of Programming and Development for WOHF. 

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Just FUND US! Dr. Mary Jennings, WSDA News Editor

 Back in the old days, community dentist’s pleas were, “Help us! Help us any way you can…send…help…now!” And you did. 

With great pushing and guidance, our nation’s legislators have gone from spending $756.1 million on dental Medicaid in 1990 to $7.4 billion in 2010. 

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WSDA Testifies Against Midlevel Providers



The news media in Spokane heaped well-deserved praise on The Spokane District Dental Society Foundation’s IDEA (Inland Dental Expanded Access) Clinic — running stories about the sliding scale clinic that opened last week. A joint project between SDDSF and Yakima Valley Farmworker’s Clinic (YVFWC), the clinic was created to provide access for patients who often fall through the cracks — qualified patients including the uninsured, the working poor, and students working to better their lives — a situation only made more dire with the loss of adult dental Medicaid.

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