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Legal News: Aiding or abetting

Alan Wicks, WSDA General CounselThere are a lot of rules which pertain to the practice of dentistry. Timely renewal of your own dental license is one of them. Less obvious, but very important, is to verify the valid existence and timely renewal of licenses for your associates and dental staff members.

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House of Delegates Candidates: Dr. David Minahan, Dr. Greg Ogata, Dr. Laura Williams

Dr. David Minahan, Dr. Greg Ogata, Dr. Laura Williams Each week we will post the bios of candidates running for positions at the 2012 WSDA House of Delegates, in Walla Walla this September 13-15. This week, Dr. David Minahan, running for WSDA President-elect; Drs. Greg Ogata and Laura Williams running for WSDA Vice President.

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2012 House of Delegates Resolutions

What follows is a brief synopsis of the resolutions the House of Delegates will vote on in 2012. If you would like to read the resolutions in their entirety, please click here

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WSDA Opposes Denturist Scope Expansion

This summer, the Department of Health (DOH) has begun a Sunrise Review of potentially expanding the scope of practice of licensed denturists to include “making, placing, constructing, altering, reproducing, or repairing all other nonorthodontic removable oral devices” and “teeth whitening using bleaching solutions of twenty percent or less.”  

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