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Let’s face it: getting involved in political advocacy isn’t something that everyone is dialed-in to. 

It’s not for everyone — it’s not for people who don’t want their voice heard, it’s not for those willing to let others direct their future, and it’s not for anyone who cares about dentistry. For the rest of you, however, it’s imperative.

Many of you will find your political footing at the WSDA’s Dental Action Day (this year’s event is January 25, falling right about when this issue hits) — and for all five of the people profiled here, it’s one of the places they got their feet wet. But as important as Dental Action Day is, true political advocates know that the real work is done throughout the year — networking in coffee shops, private homes, and town hall meetings —face-to-face connections that help establish dentists as experts in their field. We spoke with Dr. Rob Merrill, Dr. Marissa Bender, Drs. Josh and Lindsey Papac, and Dr. Robin Henderson (along with her husband Scott) — each at a different point in their dental career and their advocacy journey — to talk about what they’re doing on behalf of dentistry, and why they got involved in the first place.

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I don’t understand people very well.  For instance, I don’t know why they aren’t always talking with their friends about my dental office and the amazing things we do for our patients.  But let’s face it…most people only think about what we do when they’re in our office for a “cleaning” or filling.

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Dental Residency Programs are Expanding in Washington State


In the last five years, Washington state has seen a dramatic increase in the number of general dental practice residency (GPR) and community health center-based programs. Washington's residency programs vary in size, location, and specialty; ranging from hospital-based programs in Seattle to community health center-based programs in rural small towns like Toppenish and Walla Walla. What all of the residency programs have in common is that they all expand the dental safety net with dentists who can perform the full scope of procedures as a dentist.

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The "Hands of Love" humanitarian effort in the Guatemalan village of Raxruhá, in central Guatemala, needs dentists and dental auxiliary staff. Steve Albright, and wife, Paula Cipolla, will be part of this annual team. Dates of the trip are Frebruary 20 - March 3, cost is $1,500 & includes airfare, transportation in country and meals. No language proficiency required. To find out more, call the number below. 

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