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You CAN Survive WDS! A FREE Webinar with Dr. Rhonda Savage

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Speaker: Dr. Rhonda Savage, Miles Global

Date & Time: April 23, Noon-1pm

Cost: Free for WSDA members and their staff

2012 marked a full year of WDS cuts. Some dentists have sold, folded or merged their practice. Many, however, have thrived and increased their net.  

What are some of the best practice methodologies in a PPO world? This webinar will highlight ways you can grow your practice, including ways to reach quality patients with your marketing efforts.  It's time to think like a patient. The goal is to maintain quality of care and nurture the patient relationship, yet have every team member critically aware of the bottom line.

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BOTOX® and Dermal Fillers — Preliminary Guidance from DQAC

An interpretive statement concerning BOTOX® and dermal fillers has received early approval of the Dental Quality Assurance Commission (DQAC). Such guidance has been requested by dentists in recent years. The final interpretive statement is expected later this year after the formal review process is completed by the Department of Health. 

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Visa/MC Anti-Trust Settlement and Credit Card Surcharges

If your practice accepted credit cards anytime between Jan. 1, 2004 and Nov. 28, 2012, you have most likely received a legal notice about a class action lawsuit and settlement involving Visa, MasterCard and their member banks. To learn more about this $6+ Billion settlement, go to or call 800-625-6440 for a recorded explanation, answers to frequently asked questions and additional information. Operators are also available.

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 Last Monday, my nonprofit clinic caught on fire! I had to triage patients in the parking lot. As soon as I could, I ran over to a nearby clinic of ours where we were diverting patients. While restoring a tooth on a happy five-year-old patient, I caught my breath and thought, “Crisis managed…yea!” 

Then she threw up on me.

As I drove home that night, still smelling of someone else’s mac and cheese, I thought about that child. Her father did not have any money for treatment and was clueless about how to help himself, much less her. My little patient was a sweet, tiny child with filthy, rough nails and worn clothes that had more than a just a few days worth of kid dirt. For many reasons, I wished her food had stayed inside her

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