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New Dentists Guide on The Source

After spending four years in dental school, new graduates are well-versed in all the clinical aspects of the job, but often are overwhelmed by the business side of the profession. It's easy to understand why —  it can be a daunting task to stay up-to-date with regulatory information, maintain the proper amount of personal and practice insurance, and make sure that your license is current — while simultaneously providing excellent care to your patients. With this in mind, the WSDA has created a New Dentist Guide onThe Source to serve as a resource for new graduates, and as a refresher for those who have established practices.

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Turn more profits with effective cross-coding! 

By attending Ms. Rose Nierman's lecture Cross-Coding in Dentistry, at this year's PNDC,  you will learn how to successfully bill medical insurance, resulting in higher earnings for your office.  Discover how to integrate medical billing, learn the CPT codes that can be billed to medical, and determine the necessary documentation and records needed.  Make your office more successful — plan to attend this can't miss opportunity. 

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Gubernatorial and Senate Budgets Include Funding for Adult Dental Mediciad

This week marked the beginning of  negotiations on the state's 2013-15 biennium operating budget in Olympia. Late last week, Governor Inslee unveiled his budget priorities during a press conference. On Wednesday, the Senate Majority Coalition Caucus released their proposed budget. The House Democratic budget is expected to be released sometime next week.

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Medicaid Billing · Dianne Baum
Friday, June 14 from 9:30 am - 3:30 pm · Code 14

When ProviderOne was first chosen as the state’s Medicaid billing software, a cry arose from dentists around the state. Ponderous and confusing, the program was vilified, justly or not. Dianne Baum, the dental program administrator for the Health Care Authority, will be at the PNDC to convince you otherwise. “Many people were frustrated by the process, and they felt like they couldn’t get into ProviderOne in the beginning. That issue has been resolved, but I don’t think that anybody has shown them how to register and access the portal and submit a claim.”

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