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The Source, the WSDA's award winning business resource center, contains exclusive member discounts, regulatory updates, webinars, valuable tools and information on the Affordable Care Act.

Check out the exclusive member discounts below!

WDIA/NORDIC – 10% Discount on Insurance
AmericanWest Bank – 
SoFi - 
Student Loan Consolidation
Miles Global – 
10% Discount on Practice Management
Physicians & Dentists Credit Bureau – 
Greenway & Co. – 
10% Discount on Accounting & Tax Service
Sesame Communications –
5% Discount on Digital Marketing Services
Constantine Builders, Inc. – 
Construction Services
Stuart Silk Architects – 
Architectural Services
Office Depot – 
Disounts on Office Supplies
Best Card, LLC – 
Credit Card Processing
Scrap Metal Refinement
Save up to  36% on Shipping
Whirlpool - 
Discounts on Appliances
SurePayroll - 
Save up to 85% on Payroll Services
US Bank -
 Great Rewards on Visa Credit Card
Verizon Wireless - 
13% Discount on Wireless Services

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