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Each year as we welcome our new officers, committee members and ADA delegates, we must also say goodbye to WSDA members who have served the Association so well over the years, but are now leaving Board service.

Dr. Rod Wentworth 
Dr. Rod Wentworth has served on so many posts with the Association it's hard to know where to start - Wentworth served on the Board and then rose through the officer's ranks to become President, but he's also served as an ADA Delegate, and a mentor for the Leadership Institute. Wentworth is well-known for his passion for ethics and fishing, though not necessarily in that order. He will continue to be actively involved in organized dentistry as a member of the Task Force on Public Policy Development and Board of Directors of WDIA. 

Dr. Laura Williams
Dr. Laura Williams leaves WSDA Board service after six years, and like Wentworth, has served in many capacities at the state and local levels, including as an ADA Alternate Delegate, a Delegate to the WSDA House, and a mentor for the Leadership Institute. Williams will continue in her service to the WSDA as an ADA Delegate. 

Dr. Mary Jennings
While Dr. Mary Jennings will no longer serve on the Board of Directors, she will continue on as the esteemed editor of the WSDA News. Under Jennings' studious watch, The News has amassed a slew of awards. Jennings' editorials continue to be popular nationally, with requests to reprint her musings coming from all over the U.S. In addition to her duties as Editor, Jennings has served as an Alternate Delegate to the ADA, and as a member of the Editorial Board. We look forward to Jennings' continued service to the WSDA as Editor of The News!

Thanks to all three esteemed WSDA Members for all they have done for organized dentistry!

Reader Comments (2)

It has been an honor to serve with Rod, Laura, and Mary. They are an invaluable asset to leadership and to our profession. We are fortunate that they are continuing their contributions to organized dentistry in their respective new duties!
Chris Pickel

09.25.2013 | Unregistered CommenterChris Pickel

It was an honor and a pleasure to serve on the WSDA Board with wonderful dedicated members including Dr. Williams and Dr. Jennings. Congratulations to the newly elected members. We have a talent laden Board that I am confident will elevate the WSDA even further in the coming years.

09.26.2013 | Unregistered CommenterRod Wentworth

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