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« DQAC Resumes Continuing Education Audits »

This year, the Dental Quality Assurance Commission (DQAC) resumed audits of dentist’s continuing education. Every month, DQAC staff randomly selects between 10 and 30 dentists who have renewed their dental license that month and asks them for their continuing education documentation from the previous year. Dentists in Washington state are required to complete 21 hours of continuing education each year; more information about the state's continuing education rules can be found here.

If you are required to undergo an audit, you will need to submit documentation of your continuing education. If any of your CE was completed at the PNDC, a component society event, or any other event where you scanned your WSDA membership card through a WSDA scanner, then the only documentation you need for these CE credits is a printout of your CE credits from The Source. To access your CE records, login using your last name and your WSDA ID number and select "Continuing Education Credit Tracking." On this page, all of your credits tracked through a WSDA CE scanner will be recorded in one section and all of your manually entered CE will be recorded in a separate section. CE that was not tracked through a WSDA scanner will require additional documentation such as a paper certificate of completion.

Audited dentists who have not met the state's CE requirements will be sent a notice of correction and be required to submit CE documentation for review the following year. Dentists can complete 16.5 of their required 21 hours by attending the Pacific Northwest Dental Conference (PNDC) this June 13 and 14. You can register online here.

Questions about CE audits, continuing education, or DQAC can be referred Mike Walsh, WSDA’s Government Affairs Coordinator, at or by calling 800-448-3368.

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