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This fall, the Department of Health (DOH) is expected to lower dental license renewal fees between $75-200. The current license renewal fee is $576.

DOH is required by law to ensure dental licensure fees cover the cost of regulating the profession. The last fee increase was implemented in 2010 to address the Dental Quality Assurance Commission’s (DQAC) nearly $2 million deficit. However, by the end of 2012, DQAC had a budget surplus of $2.3 million.

Washington has one of the highest dental licensure renewal fees in the nation. WSDA has been advocating for a licensure fee decrease as DQAC’s budget surplus has continued to grow.

Last August, WSDA past President, Dr. Rod Wentworth submitted a letter to the Secretary of Health expressing his concern over the high licensure fees in Washington state and requested DOH take immediate action to address the issue. Dr. Wentworth's letter can be viewed here.

During the last several months, DOH has conducted DQAC budget projections for the next several years and determined that maintaining the existing licensure renewal rate will result in significantly higher revenues than DQAC’s expected costs. As a result, DOH is expected to cut dental licensure renewal fees later this year.

The exact amount of the fee reduction and date the fee reduction will take effect are still unknown. WSDA staff will notify members when more information is available.

If you have any questions regarding dental licensure or fee reductions, contact WSDA Director of Government Affairs, Bracken Killpack at 800-448-3368 or by email at

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