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« WSDA, WSDHA Jointly Support HB 1330 »

The Officers of WSDA and the Washington State Dental Hygienists Association recently agreed to jointly support legislation on providing hygiene services to homebound patients and fixing a DOH interpretation of placing topical anestheic. HB 1330 was drafted by WSDA and WSDHA and has sponsors from both parties.

A legal interpretation by the Department of Health has prohibited dental hygienists from placing topical anesthesia under general supervision, and dental assistants and EFDAs from placing topical anesthesia altogether. HB 1330 would allow all registered and licensed dental staff to place topical anesthetic.

HB 1330 also allows qualified dental hygienists to perform preventive services on homebound patients under the general supervision of a dentist. This proposal allows dental patients who cannot travel due to age or disability increased access to preventive care. HB 1330 requires communication with the medical provider of the homebound patient and written consent from the supervising dentist.

Questions about HB 1330 and other components of WSDA's legislative agenda can be directed to Bracken Killpack at or by calling 800-448-3368.

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