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Dear WSDA Membership,

Recently, there have been several invitations to Officers and staff of the WSDA to have dinner with Jim Dwyer, CEO of Washington Dental Service. The stated reasons were to open lines of communication and to get to know Mr. Dwyer. These invitations have been declined.

The WSDA is clearly on record questioning Mr. Dwyer’s fitness to preside over WDS. We believe Mr. Dwyer has demonstrated who he is by his actions during the past year.  Once the WDS Board has addressed the Dwyer issue, we will consider meeting with the appropriate representatives of WDS. 


Dr. Rodney B. Wentworth

Reader Comments (4)

Thank you for keeping the membership in the loop regarding WDS and Mr. Dwyer's effort to reach out to WSDA. Thanks too for declining his invitation and posting a succinct statement reflecting WSDA's stance. The dental community of Washington (and beyond) is in agreement: Mr. Dwyer and WDS are waging an assault on the practice of dentistry. Intense emotions have been stirred. Next to one's family and home, there is not much worth protecting more than one's profession. Our patient's deserve the firm stance WSDA and thousands of WDS member dentists are taking. Mr. Dwyer is the standard bearer for the largest dental insurer in the State- a tax-exempt organization whose stated mission is to "revolutionize the oral health industry and improve overall health." A mass of evidence clearly shows Mr. Dwyer's vision of "revolutionizing the oral health industry" involves disenfranchising the ones providing the care on which he and his company depend. The only people connected to WDS capable of "improving overall health" are its member dentists. Mr. Dwyer's actions are at odds with the WDS mission. There's no going back.

Having been a member of WSDA for over 40 years I must say this makes me prouder of our organization than anything I can remember. Thanks Rod and WSDA.

06.2.2012 | Unregistered CommenterJim Rosenwald

We're proud to affiliated with WSDA. The men and woman that represent the dental community are hard working, passionate, thoughtful individuals that dedicate precious time to truly making Washington state a better place to live and practice dentistry and help our fellow citizens have a "better state of health".

An interesting aside----- I called the WDS professional relations office today about 4:30 and was informed by a recording that their hours are 8-4 Mon - Thursday and half a day on Friday. Maybe they should consider "working five days a week" to quote their CEO.

06.4.2012 | Unregistered CommenterJim Rosenwald

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