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Last night, King 5 news reported on WSDA's letter to the WDS Board of Directors. The story is attached below or can be found on the King 5 website.

Dentists question 'fitness' of CEO to lead insurance company
by CHRIS INGALLS / KING 5 Investigators

Washington dentists are calling for action against the CEO of the state's largest dental insurer.
In a letter to Washington Dental Service’s board members, dentists say comments by James Dwyer "raise the question of his fitness to continue” to serve as CEO for WDS.
During a recent KING 5 Investigation, Dwyer said that dentists can make up for cuts from the insurance company by working longer hours.

He said dentists don't work five day weeks, something many dentists complained is not true.

Dwyer later apologized for his remarks.

The letter was sent by the Washington State Dental Association, which represents 4,000 dentists in Washington.

The WSDA said Dwyer’s comments show his “apparent ignorance of the business of dentistry” and his efforts “to demean the profession with the public, were appalling.”

Washington Dental Service told KING 5 it has no comment about the letter.

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