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In response to the comments that were made earlier this month by WDS CEO James Dwyer, the WSDA sent an idividually addressed letter to each member of the WDS Board of Directors questioning Dwyer's "fitness to continue to represent the state’s largest dental insurer." You may view a copy of the letter by clicking on the image below.

Reader Comments (6)

Jim Dywer's response regarding the providers of WDS showed how much he is disconnected from the dedicated and hard working dentists in Washington State. Asking the WDS Board of Directors to reevaluate his qualifications to lead the state’s largest dental insurer is the right thing to do. Asking them to take action to demonstrate that WDS values its relationship with the providers that take care of their insured patients is the right thing to do. Asking them to validate that the success of Washington Dental Service and its mission is directly related to the quality of care that their dedicated members deliver without compromise, even in a reduced fee environment and a debilitating economic recession is the righ thing to do. Asking them to take action to remove Jim Dwyer as CEO of WDS is the only thing to do.

Chris Pickel, DDS

05.24.2012 | Unregistered CommenterChris Pickel

Jim Dwyer is arrogant and completely tone-deaf. To suggest that dentists are not working hard enough is absurd! Most dentists I know spend plenty of Saturdays in their office performing administrative tasks, maintaining equipment, seeing emergency patients and just generally performing the tasks that any small business owner has responsibility for.

On the other hand, in this day of corporate greed, he stands out as an excellent example! No doubt he thinks he is totally "worth" what he gets paid, but I would bet WDS could find a wide selection of extremely knowledgeable and talented people who are currently unemployed and would be available to take over his job at, say, half of Jims current compensation and would feel richly rewarded at that.

It is astonishing that someone who has gotten to the level of management that he has, would be so completely out of touch to publicly make the statements he made. I hope the board members at WDS are listening! When my patients used to come in with WDS coverage I would always tell them I thought they were the best insurance carrier around. Those days came to a quick halt and the WDS brand is damaged pretty badly now. Their actions going forward will show us all (patients and dentists alike) whether they care about that or not. I would think WDS as an organization would care about their reputation, but maybe I am just idealistic. Maybe it's all about the money now.

I am being asked almost daily now by patients who have seen the news and heard the attacks by Jim Dwyer. They are appalled by his words to make us seem lazy to the public. Do I recommend they stay with WDS as their insurer? No way. I advocate to either opt out of insurance period or, at the minimum, select a reputable, patient centered company. Not WDS. The board has decided not to comment, apologize or get behind their fellow dentists resulting in a membership who's anger, distrust and growing contempt. Soon this relationship will be non-repairable. Don't forget, it WAS the member dentists who saved the company a couple of decades ago from bankruptcy.

05.24.2012 | Unregistered CommenterOlympia Dentist

The words spoken by the leader create the culture of the organization.

05.24.2012 | Unregistered CommenterBill Ciao

WDS has done a smooth job of keeping the public from knowing just how screwed up things are at Northgate. The turnover at WDS is extremely high and incudes the CFO, CIO, VP of HR, Director of BI, Director of applications. Jim should do the right thing and step down ASAP. Jim has already busted the WDS union and now is working on outsourcing 100s of state jobs. The new CEO should stop the current plan to outsource IT and the call center jobs out of the State.

I fear it might be too late to save WDS from Jim’s miss steps. There is talk that Jim is behaving like this to get terminated and receive a big payout. In the end this will end up hurting the rank and file at WDS many dentist with the WDS big shots walking away with millions.

05.25.2012 | Unregistered CommenterFriend of WDS

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