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« Video: Dental Hygiene Practitioners would make $13.87 an hour »

The Washington State Dental Association has put together a short economic analysis of a proposed dental hygiene practitioner found in HB 2226 and SB 6126. This analysis lays out the revenue and expenses a dental hygiene practitioner would have if he or she treated Medicaid patients in a signle chair clinc. WSDA believes that practitioners created in HB 2226 and SB 6126 are not economically viable without extensive government subsidy. This is one of many reasons why we are asking legislators to vote NO on HB 2226 and SB 6126.

Why the Proposed WA State Dental Therapist Doesn't Make Economic Sense from WA State Dental Association on Vimeo.

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Dental hygiene practitioner and dentists are noble job and very important to our society but practically speaking, they are also the one who profit the most. I think no one of us cannot avoid having any oral problem, and for tooth extraction, we need to visit a dentist for that. There are some who made this job as a profitable living but there are also some who are true to their job, and will do their job even without paying.

09.29.2012 | Unregistered CommenterMichael Benitez

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