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« Mid-Level Debate Intensifies »

Proponents of HB 2226 and SB 6126, a pair of bills aiming to create two new mid-level dental practitioners in Washington, squared off with the WSDA's testimony team in front of both the House and Senate Health Care Committees on Thursday in Olympia. Watch how it all went down and please feel free to comment on this hotly debated issue facing our State and many others around the Country.

House Health Care Committee Hearing on HB 2226
Thursday, January 19, 10:00am

Supporters 1st Panel

WSDA's Panel

Supporters 2nd Panel

Senate Health Care Committee Hearing on SB 6126
Thursday, January 19, 1:30pm

Supporters 1st Panel

Supporters 2nd Panel

WSDA's Panel

Reader Comments (1)

Regarding how effective the PAs have been: How come there is still a huge Health Care Access issue that is worse than 40 years ago?
That's why mid-level provider is not the solution for Dental Access issue!

Regarding Off site supervision: Dentistry is much more complex than medicine where they can consult over the phone with description of the patient's data. There is the hands on part too!

01.25.2012 | Unregistered CommenterTheresa Cheng

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