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2016 PNDC Handouts

All available handouts are ready to download below. Handouts will be added as speakers make them available. Note that not all courses have handouts. 

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360 Experience - Front Office
(8 pages)

360 Experience - Hygienists
(20 pages)

Anterior Esthetic Techniques & Materials
Lee Ann Brady, DMD (21 pages)

Anterior Preparation Design
Lee Ann Brady, DMD (7 pages)

Back to Basics: Inflammation & Repair
Karen Siebert, RDH (6 pages)

Be the Best You Can  Be - A Lecture for Dental Assistants Only
Jennifer Blake, EDFA (19 pages)

Better Medicine, Better Dentistry: Pharmacology You Can Use - Part 1
Mark Donaldson, Pharm.D (19 pages)

Better Medicine, Better Dentistry: Pharmacology You Can Use - Part 2
Mark Donaldson, Pharm.D (18 pages)

Beyond Burnout: Invigorating Your Love of Dentistry in 3 Easy Steps
Chris Bundy, MD (12 pages)

Can You Really Save That (and Why Would You?): Treatment Options for Carious Primary Teeth
David Rothman, DDS (16 pages)

Composite Layering for Success for Auxiliaries: The Lecture
Victoria Wallace (11 pages)

Conquering Fear! Minimal Sedation Update - Part 1
Mark Donaldson, Pharm.D (33 pages)

Conquering Fear! Minimal Sedation Update - Part 2
Mark Donaldson, Pharm.D (23 pages)

Dental Photography and Digital Processing Workshop
Michael Yurth, DDS (22 pages)

Do Say/Don't Say: High Impact Communications
Lois Banta (15 pages)

Drug Store Addiction: The Abuse of Prescription and Over-the-Counter Medications
Betsy Reynolds, RDH (44 pages)

Employment Agreements and Contact Basics
Alan Wicks, JD (18 pages)

Enhanced Oral Cancer Detection: Guide Your Practice to Thrive While Saving Lives
Jonathan Bregman, DDS (10 pages)

Enhanced Oral Cancer Detection: A Hands-On Experience
Jonathan Bregman, DDS (10 pages)

Epithelial Pathology: From A to Z
Theresa Gonzales, DMD (19 pages)

The Erosion Explosion - Effects of a Modern Day Witch's Brew
Anne Guignon, RDH (23 pages)

Exploring the Oral Microbiome - Stunning Revelations About How Microbes Actually Create Disease
Anne Guignon, RDH (22 pages)

Excellence in Patient and Customer Service: Evaluation, Energize, Emerge
Rhonda Savage, DDS (21 pages)

Financial Strategies for Newer Dentists
Sam Martin/Jennifer Paine (16 pages)

Fitness 101 for Dental Professionals: Secrets for Comfort & Career Longevity
Bethany Valachi (9 pages)

Formulating the Ultrasonic Debridement Treatment Plan
Cynthia Fong, RDH (11 pages)

Google, Yelp, Healthgrades, Oh My!
Rachel Mele (13 pages)

Insurance Strategies That Work
Lois Banta (18 pages)

Mid-Career to Life after Dentistry
Sam Martin (26 pages)

Pharmacologic Management of the Geriatric Patient: Practice Considerations for Oral Health Care Professionals
Ann Spolarich, RDH, PhD (17 pages)

Physical Examination of the Head and Neck for Dental Health Care Providers
Theresa Gonzales, DMD (12 pages)

Positioning For Life: Ergonomic Advancement in Dentistry Workshop
Judy Bendit, RDH (8 pages)

Posterior Preparation Design (WSDA Academy)
Lee Ann Brady, DMD (11 pages)

Practical Dental Sleep Medicine 2016 Workshop
Steve Carstensen, DDS (25 pages)

Practice Dentistry Pain-free: Evidence-based Strategies for a Long & Healthy Career
Bethany Valachi (8 pages)

Restoring Primary Molars: A Workshop on Pulp Therapy and Restorations
David Rothman, DDS (10 pages)

Risks and Benefits of Dietary Supplement Use
Ann Spolarich, RDH, PhD (16 pages)

A Simplified Approach to Ultrasonic Instrumentation
Cynthia Fong, RDH (13 pages)

Sleep Medicine for the Dental Office 2016
Steve Carstensen, DDS (33 pages)

Two Sides of the Management Coin
Rhonda Savage, DDS (21 pages)

The Uncertain Insurance Coordinator
Teresa Duncan (6 pages)

Understanding Cyber Risk in the Dental Office
Melissa Sanchez/Stephen Rose (20 pages)

Up in Smoke: Current Trends in Smoking Habits Affecting Oral and Systemic Health
Betsy Reynolds (17 pages)

Washington Oral Health Foundation Open Forum Handout and Article

You Have A Lot of Nerve: Demystifying Local Anesthesia - Lecture and Workshop
Arthur DiMarco, DMD/Kathy Bassett, RDH (15 pages