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2015 PNDC Handouts

All available handouts are ready to download below. Note that not all courses have handouts.

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A.I.M for Dental Implants Success - Assess, Identify, Maintain Lecture and Workshop
Susan Wingrove (11 pages)

Aiming for Success: Radiographic Techniques from Analog to Digital
Monica Monsantofils (8 pages)

Anterior Direct Resin Esthetic Restorations
Dr. Fred Peck (15 pages)

Anterior Esthetics: Building Beautiful Smiles with Resin and Porcelain
Dr. Fred Peck (15 pages)

Beyond the Call of Duty - Honor a War Veteran with Dentistry!
Dr. Theresa Cheng (4 pages)

Communications Solutions: Attitudes, Breakdowns, & Conflict Resolution
Judy Kay Mausolf (4 pages)

Custom Tray, Record Base & Occlusion Rim Fabrication Workshop
Dr. Ronni Schnell

Delivering W.O.W. Service
Judy Kay Mausolf (4 pages)

Establishing a High Performance Dental Clinic: Change Your Clinic Culture Through Performance, Function, and Prevention
Shannon O'Kelley (14 pages)

Fit to Lead for the Busy Dental Professional
Dr. Uche Odiatu (18 pages)

Go Ahead...Bite Into That Apple: The Nuts and Bolts of Implant-Assisted Overdentures Lecture
Dr. Ronni Schnell (21 pages)

Go Ahead...Bite Into That Apple: The Nuts and Bolts of Implant-Assisted Overdentures Workshop
Dr. Ronni Schnell (17 pages)

International Volunteer Dental Projects: What's It All About Anyway?
Dr. Francis Serio (12 pages)

Introduction to Dental Spanish
Dr. Tyrone Rodriguez (15 pages)

Lasers: The Standard Proficiency Course Part 1, Part 2, Workshop
Dr. Robert Convissar (46 pages)

Medical Emergencies in the Dental Office - Medical Emergencies in Life Part 1 and Part 2
Dr. J. Mel Hawkins (37 pages)

Nearly Painless, Totally Consistent Mandibular Blocks
Dr. William Busacca (2 pages)

Oral Sedation for Dentistry: Clinical Pharmacology and "How-to" Applications Part 1 and Part 2
Dr. J. Mel Hawkins (52 pages)

Restorative Materials Update 2015 Part 1 and Part 2
Dr. Jeff Brucia (18 pages)

A Review of Nutrition and Dentistry
Laura Hunter (13 pages)

TMD for the GP: Temporomandibular Joint - From Confusion to Clarity
Dr. John Droter (3 pages)