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Grassroots dentists are dentists who follow dental legislative issues and are willing to contact thier legislator at key times by email or by other means. This is dentistry's most effective tool in influencing the outcome of legislation that will impact the way you practice, protect the public's health, provide the highest quality oral health care and run your business!

The following are examples of how grassroots dentists participate in the legislative process.

  • Writing a personal letter to or calling a legislator about a bill during the annual session
  • Contacting legislators through VoterVOICE, WSDA's Web-based communication program
  • Visiting your district's senator and representatives in Olympia during WSDA’s Dental Action Day
  • Conducting a dental office tour for a legislator
  • Volunteering in a legislator's election campaign
  • Volunteering to present a campaign contribution from DentPAC. 
  • Contributing to a legislator's campaign
  • Becoming a "friend" of a legislator by hosting a fund-raising event

Start on the path of effective dental lobbying as a grassroots dentist. There is no obligation, participate as little or as much as you like.  Please sign up today!

Contact Bracken Killpack for more information.