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Information about WSDA's Washington Dental Service (Delta) Initiative

We want to make sure all Delta member dentists are aware of the information sent by Delta regarding the special meetings on Wednesday, September 6 at 2 p.m. at the Lynnwood Convention Center (3711 196th St S.W., Lynnwood, WA 98036).

These special meetings have been called with the signatures of nearly 650 Delta member dentists to demand fundamental changes in the business practices of Delta. Over the past several years, most of us have been subjected to Delta policies and actions that negatively impact patient care. Examples include: inconsistent claim processing, poor and misleading communications, rapidly escalating executive compensation and an unexplained increase in other administrative expenses.

Our fundamental concern with Delta is that the organization has lost its patient focus. One of the symptoms of this problem is the systematic elimination of dentist input into Delta’s decision making processes. By increasing dentist input and implementing the proposed transparency requirements on Delta’s operations, we will be able to put Delta’s focus back on the patient, where it belongs.

It is vitally important that you attend the special meetings on September 6—we are fighting for nothing less than the health of your patients and the future of your practice. We, as members of the Board of Directors of WSDA, have asked staff to organize a gathering prior to the special meetings that is open to all dentists in the state of Washington. We will use this gathering to discuss logistics surrounding the special meetings. Details about this gathering will be shared very soon.

As peer members of Delta, we recommend that you attend the special meetings in person in order to exercise your legal rights as a Delta member. We also recommend that you vote in SUPPORT of the bylaw amendments. If you absolutely cannot attend, please designate another member dentist who can attend the special meetings as your proxy. Delta members from across the state will be self-identifying themselves as individuals who can serve as a proxy at the special meetings in Lynnwood within the coming days. We strongly advise that you DO NOT MAIL YOUR PROXY BALLOT back to Delta directly at this time. We are gathering additional information about the proxy process and will share more information when it is available.

We need all Delta members to take immediate action. Please fill out this short survey to tell us 1) if you can attend the special meetings in Lynnwood, 2) if you will volunteer to collect proxy ballots in your area, and 3) if you cannot attend the meeting and need a local Delta member to serve as your proxy.

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A letter from members of the Delta Board was included in the special meetings announcement and urged Delta members to vote down the bylaws amendments, which have been supported by hundreds of dentists across Washington state. Delta is continuing its campaign of fear and intimidation to demand acquiescence from its members. Delta has misrepresented the purpose of these amendments. 

Now is not the time to be cowed by Delta’s fear tactics. Now is the time join with your colleagues and demand that Delta return its focus to patient-centered care, decrease its unnecessary administrative expenses, and adopt patient-centered reforms already used by medical insurance carriers in our state.

Check back for updates on this important initiative at

Please join us in driving this important and necessary change at Delta Dental of Washington.


Delta Members of the WSDA Board of Directors

Dr. Bernard J. Larson, President
Dr. Cynthia R. Pauley, President-elect
Dr. Nathan G. Russell, Secretary/Treasurer
Dr. Bryan C. Edgar, Immediate Past President
Dr. Theodore M. Baer
Dr. Marissa N. Bender
Dr. Dennis L. Bradshaw
Dr. Christopher Delecki
Dr. Linda J. Edgar
Dr. Todd R. Irwin
Dr. Christine L. Kirchner
Dr. Eric J. Kvinsland
Dr. James W. Reid
Dr. Ashley L. Ulmer

Information about WSDA's Washington Dental Service (Delta) Initiative
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