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WSDA members can maximize scrap metal returns using cutting-edge technology with the new EasyRefine scrap metal recovery program offered through D-MMEX. The WSDA researched vendors and have endorsed D-MMEX EasyRefine, because of their reputation for efficiency, professionalism and ethics. In addition, the D-MMEX EasyRefine program is simple and provides proven higher returns than traditional sources. Thirteen other state dental associations have endorsed the D-MMEX Easy Refine program because of their ethics and scientific approach to the refining process.
The benefits of the EasyRefine program include:

  • Free and insured shipping of all precious scrap contents
  • No charge for melt and assay
  • All-element analysis, including gold, platinum, palladium and silver
  • Detailed analysis report illustrating the value of the shipment
  • Fast Payment; with check settlement within 10 business days
  • Access to current market prices at
  • Trade bullion terms on London Based Market:
    • Gold 97%
    • Platinum 90%
    • Palladium 85%
    • Silver 90%

As an added benefit, any scrap metal sent in by an WSDA member for the first time will receive an additional 5% bonus on the value. For a free shipping kit or more information on the groundbreaking EasyRefine program, please contact D-MMEX at