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Best Card has nearly 2,000 dental practices using their services throughout the U.S., and dental practices have saved an average of $1,060 annually (a 23% savings) over their prior processor.

WSDA members receive great rates including $0 per transaction fees, a low $5 monthly statement/customer service fee. Their contract has no monthly minimums and a low $25 annual PCI compliance fee. You can usually keep your same equipment and if you close your batch by 3:00 PM, you will receive your deposit the next day. With Best Card, you will receive one deposit daily for all cards accepted (MC/Visa/Discover/AMEX/etc.) and one monthly statement. This saves time when reconciling the bank statement from those processors who have  separate deposits/statements for MC/Visa, AMEX and Discover!

Are you paying too much with your current credit card processor?
A simple calculation is to divide your monthly processing fees charged by the dollar volume of credit cards processed -- if greater than 2% (ex. Fees $262.12/$9,973.14 Volume Processed=2.63% effective rate charged), you will most likely save $$$ with Best Card. Fax your statement to Best Card for a complimentary cost comparison.

Please fax your current credit card processing statement to 866.717.7247 and they will fax you back a confidential and complimentary cost comparison showing the savings your office will receive. Call for more information: