Cyber Security

As a dental office moves to digital record keeping, the more the possibility exists for cyber theft of personal patient records.  A theft of client information involves a large amount of time taken by an office to contact patients as well as the expenses of possible lawsuits and state and federal fines.
Cyber Security coverage will cover the expenses of notifying affected clients as well as fines, penalties and lawsuits associated with the security breach.    
The Cyber Product includes the following coverages:

First party crime expenses for:

  Privacy notification expenses, including the cost of health care records and credit-monitoring services for affected customers, even when state law doesn’t require notification
Crisis management and reward expenses, including the cost of public relations consultants, media releases
Fines and penalties
• Written records and files
Business Income loss and Extra Expense coverage for data breaches

Third party liability coverage for:

Disclosure Injury- including law suits (such as HIPAA and HITECH suits by regulatory bodies) alleging unauthorized access to or dissemination of the plaintiff’s private information
Content Injury- including suits arising from intellectual property infringement, trademark infringement and copyright infringement
Reputational Injury- including suits alleging disparagement of products or services, libel, slander, defamation and invasion of privacy
Conduit Injury- including suits arising from system security failures that result in harm to third-party systems
Impaired- access Injury- including suits arising from system security failure resulting in your customer’s systems being unavailable to its customers

Exclusive policyholder only access to eRisk Hub for:

 Learning Center- featuring articles and white papers written by industry and legal experts on compliance, network security, privacy and breach recovery
 New Center- featuring up-to-date and relevant network security and privacy news, blogs, risk management and information industry links
 Prevention topics
Call the Breach Coach- providing 30 minutes of free consultation with an experienced network security and privacy attorney following a breach
Access to free webinars about responding to data breaches and privacy losses
Find legal experts experienced in breach notification, business continuity and regulatory compliance
◦ Consult with computer forensic professionals to investigate a breach event
◦ Retain a public relations firm experienced in managing data breach and privacy communications