Update in Oral Medicine: A Two Part Presentation on Temporomandibular Disorders and Recent Findings in Medicine and Dentistry Important in Patient Care
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WSDA Academy

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What Is the WSDA Academy?

Created by new dentists, for new dentists, the WSDA Academy offers free continuing education classes for WSDA member dentists 0-10 years out of dental school or their graduate/specialty program. 
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Available Courses

Update in Oral Medicine: A Two Part Presentation on Temporomandibular Disorders and Recent Findings in Medicine and Dentistry Important in Patient Care

  • Wed, Feb 21, 2018 | 6:00 PM - Wed, Feb 21, 2018 | 9:00 PM
  • Address: 126 NW Canal St, Seattle, WA 98107

Speaker: Dr. Edmond Truelove
CE Credits: 3
Cost: FREE for members 0-10 years out of dental school

Complimentary ​dinner provided.


Significant clinical research has been directed toward improving the diagnostic process related to the diagnosis and treatment of Temporomandibular Disorders.  Those findings and outcome recommendations will be discussed are important in guiding clinicians in appropriate and effective diagnostic and treatment approaches for TMD.  Strategies for their inclusion in primary care dental practice will be presented.

Each month there are many new clinical research findings in medicine and dentistry with direct impact on diagnosis and management of dental patients that also apply to the health of dental professionals and their family.  Findings of particular interest will be discussed along with their potential impact.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn a standardized approach for assessment of TMD related complaints
  • Have improved understanding of etiologic and treatment approaches in TMD management
  • Be equipped to improve patient care through application of at least 5 outcomes from recent clinical research studies related to general or oral health
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2018 Academy Schedule

See below for​ the 2018 WSDA Academy ​schedule. Check back often - more courses to come! Registration will open 4-5 weeks prior to each course. 

Date  Speaker Topic  Register
2/21/2018 Dr. Edmond Truelove Health & Wellness/Oral Medicine/TMJ
3/15/2018 Dr. Beatrice Gandara Pregnancy & Dentistry  
3/24/2018 Dr. Paola Leone Orthodontics
4/12/2018 Dr. Glen Johnson Dental Materials ​ 
4/19/2018 Dr. Chris Pickel Treatment Planning
5/9/2018 Dr. Kris Aadland CAD/CAM
6/22/2018 Dr. Lee Ann Brady Restorative (PNDC Workshop)
9/13/2018 Drs. Nhi Pham & Jeff Parrish Volunteerism
10/2/2018 Dr. Michael Johnson Prosthodontics
11/3/2018 Dr. Noah Letwin Oral Surgery ​Register Now

The Academy is focused on developing scholars who are distinctly prepared to succeed in every aspect of their professional lives by creating a community of young dentists committed to continued learning and the Academy ideals, "aliqua, virtus, amicitia" (education, excellence, friendship).

C​ourses are usually limited to 33 attendees, with some courses accommodating more.

Programming for the WSDA Academy is developed by the WSDA New Dentist Think Tank.
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