Walla Walla Valley Dental Society

Dr. Kyle D. Sullivan
Walla Walla
(509) 525-3522

Vice President
Dr. Patty L. Martin
Walla Walla

Dr. Cecil S. Ash
Walla Walla
(509) 529-3760

Immediate Past President
Dr. R. Graham McEntire
Walla Walla
(509) 525-9474


Walla Walla Valley Dental Society Demographics

If you’re a dental professional thinking about relocating to Washington state, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled some demographic information on all 17 component societies that together make up the Washington State Dental Association.

Counties: Walla Walla, Columbia, Garfield, Asotin

Walla Walla County Population: 55,180
Columbia County Population: 4,064
Garfield County Population: 2,397
Asotin County Population: 20,551

Number of WSDA members: 46

Nestled at the foot of the Blue Mountains, this community is steeped in history and blessed with beauty. Walla Walla has often been called an "oasis in the desert" because of the abundance of trees in this generally arid region.

Variety is the key word to a bountiful lifestyle in these parts. Outdoor activities abound. Whether it’s camping, hiking, mountain-biking, snowmobiling, snow skiing, golfing, or picnicking and relaxing with the family, you’ll find just the perfect spot in the Walla Walla Valley.

The Walla Walla area is also home to more than 40 wineries and as many vineyards, whose operators work hand in hand to produce world class wines of exceptional character. Not surprisingly, agriculture is the dominant industry in the county, and within Walla Walla County are two of the world’s largest farms.

Along with agriculture, the influence of three hospitals, three colleges, the United States Army Corps of Engineers, the Washington State Penitentiary, and urbanites fleeing the “big city” for a better quality of life have helped to stabilize the valley’s overall economy.

Links: Experience Washington and the Walla Walla Chamber of Commerce