North Central District Dental Society

Dr. James K. Burnham
East Wenatchee
(509) 886-0664

Vice President
Dr. Bruce V. Wilcox
(801) 633-7685

Dr. David W. Parks
(509) 662-7918 


North Central District Dental Society Demographics

If you’re a dental professional thinking about relocating to Washington state, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled some demographic information on all 17 component societies that together make up the Washington State Dental Association.

Counties: Okanogan,Chelan, and Douglas

Okanogan County Population: 39,564
Chelan County Population: 66,616
Douglas County Population: 32,603
Number of WSDA members: 90

Residents here love fishing; Okanogan Country has more than 400 lowland lakes for your fishing pleasure. The area offers wide-open spaces teeming with wildlife, spectacular scenery and rural charm. It features a diverse blend of snow covered peaks, small towns, western history, art galleries and museums, live theatre, farmers markets and fresh from the field produce stands, music festivals, rodeos, country fairs and two famous dams.

A colorful and bustling region, Okanogan Country has a rich economic base utilizing its vast natural resources including timber, mining, ranching, recreation, tourism, hydroelectricity and agriculture.

In Chelan County, you'll encounter mountains, sagebrush covered desert and semi-arid flatlands, and hills that range from evergreen to velvety brown. Chelan County offers a range of lifestyles that will appeal to people from sedentary to active, participant to spectator, mild to wild adventure seekers, or to those who just need to slow down and decompress in a spectacular natural setting. Chelan County offers moderate temperatures, low precipitation and four distinct seasons under consistently sunny skies.

Douglas County is located near the geographic center of Washington. The Columbia River binds it on the north, the west and the south. Forested areas and areas with steppe shrub vegetation provide diverse wildlife habitat in the county. The primary industry in Douglas County is agriculture, including the raising of crops and associated industries including packaging, warehousing, shipping and processing. Apples, wheat and cattle are the primary crops. Approximately 33 percent of the workforce in Douglas County is employed in agriculture.

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