Grant County Dental Society

Dr. Levi S. Miller
Moses Lake
(509) 431-8357

Vice President
Dr. Ronald McHargue
Moses Lake
(509) 765-8010

Dr. Darrin M. Tamanaha
(509) 787-0715

Grant County Dental Society Demographics

If you’re a dental professional thinking about relocating to Washington state, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled some demographic information on all 17 component societies that together make up the Washington State Dental Association.

Counties: Grant, Portions of Adams

Adams County Population: 16,428
Grant County Population: 74,698
Number of WSDA Members: 30

Fishing and hiking spots are surrounded by spectacular monuments of rock outlined against a dark blue sky. You'll find the people and the accommodations equally warm and friendly in this laid back area. Residents of Grant County are both active and sedate, taking advantage of the ever-present sunshine and expansive vistas. Moses Lake, for instance, is a haven for boaters, water sports enthusiasts and sun worshippers.

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