Benton-Franklin Counties Dental Society

Dr. Garth W. Hatch
(509) 783-1335 or 783-1336

Vice President
Dr. Christopher G. Kleist
(509) 946-1678 

Dr. Tyson Teeples
(509) 783-7600 


Benton-Franklin Counties Dental Society Demographics

If you’re a dental professional thinking about relocating to Washington state, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled some demographic information on all 17 component societies that together make up the Washington State Dental Association.

Counties: Benton, Franklin

Benton County Population: 142,475
Franklin County Population: 49,347

Number of WSDA Members: 103

Residents living in Benton and Franklin Counties find that they enjoy escaping from urban existence in this southeastern region’s Wine Country. As well, a multitude of recreational, cultural, and historical activities are available here. County residents experience more than 300 days of sun and cool nights each year. Yet despite the reliable sun, snow melt from the mountains and irrigation from the Columbia River quench the thirst of renowned orchards and vineyards, where in recent years, the wines of the Yakima Valley, Columbia Valley and Walla Walla Valley have become internationally revered.



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