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WDS/Delta Bylaw Amendments Pass

Washington dentists, it has been almost two weeks since WDS member dentists from around the state participated in special meetings with Delta Dental leadership. The results have finally been certified by the inspector of elections and shared with member dentists. The numbers show that WDS member dentists have gained a solid victory in our pursuit of common-sense bylaws amendments. In fact, both slates of proposed amendments passed with more than 91 percent of the over 2,300 votes cast.

These resounding vote totals reflect many hours of hard work by Delta member dentists, including many WSDA members: contacting colleagues, gathering proxies and attending the meeting. These WDS member actions have sent a clear message to Delta Dental about the need to be more patient-focused, more transparent, and more responsive to its member dentists.

Delta Dental has yet to provide us with information on how the Delta board intends to move forward in implementing the changes member dentists have voted for. We will be closely monitoring Delta’s response to this overwhelming vote, and we will keep you posted as more information becomes known. But in the meantime, our work together has ensured that WDS members have been heard. On behalf of the WDS members on the WSDA Board of Directors, thank you for going the extra mile to speak out on behalf of our patients and our profession.


Dr. Cynthia Pauley

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