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On December 11, the Dental Quality Assurance Commission will review rule changes to expand the scope of dental hygienists in our state.

They will consider moving the following tasks to general supervision:
• Head and neck exams and cancer screenings
• Administering local anesthetics
• Impression tasks
• Administering local anesthetic reversal agents
• Administering dental anesthetic buffering systems
• Delivery of pre-medications

When this proposal initially came before DQAC, the Commission expressed no substantial concerns. The proposal is now open for public comment, after which the Commission will review public opinion to determine their next steps and a timeline for possible adoption of these rules. 

The WSDA is working with several member dentists to draft comments to the Commission from the Association. However, if you have concerns about this proposal, it is imperative that you get involved in the process as well by contacting the Commission individually. 

We encourage you to submit your comments by email to Jennifer Santiago at by December 7.

If you have any questions about the proposed changes or the WSDA’s stance, please feel free to contact Anne Burkland at 

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