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Washington State Dental Association

Update On Outcome of WDS/Delta Special Meetings

Washington dentists, we wanted to provide you with another update about the outcome of Wednesday’s special meetings called by the member dentists of Washington Dental Service. Our legal counsel has been in communication with the Inspector of Elections. We have learned that all of the proxies will NOT be verified and counted until sometime next week.

During the special meetings, WDS leadership stated that the proxy verification and count would take 24 to 48 hours. It has come to our attention that the Inspector of Elections did not suggest this time frame to WDS. He does not know where WDS obtained that information.

We will provide updated information on the outcomes of the bylaw amendments votes as it becomes available. Our legal team is monitoring the situation closely and will continue to communicate with the Inspector of Elections and legal representation for WDS.


Dr. Bernard J. Larson

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