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Patient Safety Resources Available

A recent Dallas Morning News article featured stories of patient harm in the dental office, some with very tragic endings. The dental profession holds a special position of trust within society as laid out in the ADA Code of Ethics, and the WSDA and ADA are deeply concerned about this article.

You may get questions from your patients about this story on patient safety in the dental office, and you will want to reassure them that you and your staff are dedicated to their health and safety. More than 300 million dental visits occur each year. According to the Dallas Morning News article, “Whatever the number of deaths and injuries, it’s a tiny fraction of all dental visits. And it’s certainly no reason to avoid the dental chair, which would create its own health risks.” 

The ADA has a number of resources to help communicate with your patients, including information on Medical Emergencies in the Dental Office, Infection Control and Questions to Ask Your Dentist About Anesthesia and Sedation for Your Child.

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