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Eastern Washington · Medical Dental Summit II

The full-day seminar on Friday March 6th, brings world-class medical and dental authorities to the Tri-Cities to present a quality day of continuing education. There is limited seating and we highly encourage early registration. Please note that we have kept the registration costs low again this year to encourage participation. 


The Program: 
• Amy Doneen, DNP is the author of “Beat the Heart Attack Gene” (available at Amazon) and is returning to the Medical Dental Summit to update us on recent advances and thinking in cardiovascular disease and its relationship with oral health* – and how/why dentists and physicians need to work together to improve patient outcomes. 

• Dr. Anne-Marie Feyrer-Melk MD-Cardiologist from Scottsdale AZ will discuss current cardiology principles and how inflammation unites dentistry and medicine, and demands that dental and medical health professionals co-manage patient health. 

• Dr. Joel Berg DDS MS, Dean at the University of Washington School of Dentistry, will be discussing caries as an infectious disease and its relationship with systemic disease, especially in pediatric populations. He will also offer an update on current professional and inter-disciplinary efforts to bring physicians and dentists together to deliver true oral-systemic healthcare. 

• Dr. Dennis Abbott DDS, head of the Dallas Dental Oncology Associates, will discuss oral cancer and present on oral health support for cancer patients (all types) and the medical/dental co-management of patients undergoing cancer care. 

Please note that there is an evening Health VIP Reception and Program on Thursday, March 5th at Meadow Springs Country Club, Richland, WA. The Thursday Health VIP Reception is free of charge and advance registration is appreciated. Dr. Joel Berg will be the keynote presenter at the reception. 

Why you should attend:
The Medical Dental Summit II brings together and has strong support from area dentists, physicians, hospitals, health administrators & educators, community leaders, politicians and the media. This blend and degree of involvement is unique, and many other areas in the country are now beginning to model what we are doing in Eastern Washington and Oregon.  Watch a short documentary about the first summit

It is important that both dental and medical professionals understand the basics of inflammation and how oral inflammation increases whole-body inflammatory burden. Equally important is learning when and how to interact with allied health professionals (e.g. physicians & specialists) and how to benefit from established professional networks and work within our own communities. 

It’s time to quit talking about the oral systemic connection – and time to do something meaningful about it – both in our community at large as well as in our individual practices. If any of you are reticent or uninformed about how this works in practice, and/or want to learn how to better develop professional networks – come and learn. 
 for further information and to register. 


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