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Delta's Leaders & Financials Tell Different Stories

Washington dentists, in a letter to all Delta member dentists in April 2011, the Washington Dental Service CEO and Board of Directors proclaimed that 94% of all patient premiums went toward patient care. In an Everett Herald editorial supporting the proposed amendments to Washington Dental Service's bylaws published on August 10, a Delta spokeswoman claimed that over 90% of Delta’s revenues are spent on patient care.

In the fall of 2011, a group of Delta members, led by the Concerned Dentists of Washington State, successfully amended the WDS/Dental Bylaws to require the entity to publish and share an annual financial report. 

The table below compares data reported by WDS/Delta for 2010 and 2016. The data clearly show that:

  • Total patient premiums per patient paid to Delta have increased by 2%
  • The percentage of premium dollars spent on dental care has decreased by 5%
  • The percentage of premium dollars spent on administrative and other non-care expenses has increased by 60%
  • WDS/Delta’s cash and investments have increased 67%
  • The compensation for its CEO and Board of Directors has increased over 115%

As members of WDS/Delta, we believe change is needed to return Delta’s focus back to patient care. We urge you to attend the special meetings on the afternoon of September 6 in Lynnwood in person in order to exercise your legal rights as a Delta member. We also recommend that you vote in SUPPORT of the bylaw amendments. If you absolutely cannot attend, please designate another member dentist who can attend the special meetings and serve as your proxy in supporting the amendments.

If you must submit a proxy ballot, we strongly advise that you DO NOT MAIL YOUR PROXY BALLOT BACK TO DELTA. Mailing your ballot back to Delta without amending the ballot means you are giving your proxy rights to members of the Delta Board of Directors. Instead, use this sample form to learn how to give your proxy rights to another dentist who can attend the meeting on September 6.

Now is not the time to be cowed by Delta’s fear tactics. Now is the time to join with your colleagues and demand that Delta return its focus to patient-centered care, decrease its unnecessary administrative expenses, and adopt patient-centered reforms already used by medical insurance carriers in our state.

Please join us in driving this important and necessary change at Delta Dental of Washington.


Delta Members of the WSDA Board of Directors

Dr. Theodore M. Baer
Dr. Marissa N. Bender
Dr. Dennis L. Bradshaw
Dr. Christopher R. Delecki
Dr. Bryan C. Edgar
Dr. Linda J. Edgar
Dr. Todd R. Irwin
Dr. Christine L. Kirchner
Dr. Eric J. Kvinsland
Dr. Bernard J. Larson
Dr. Randall H. Ogata
Dr. Cynthia R. Pauley
Dr. James W. Reid
Dr. Nathan G. Russell
Dr. Ashley L. Ulmer

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