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Contact Your Senator about WA Dental Medicaid

The State Senate's budget writers have put forth a proviso that would require the state to contract out the dental Medicaid program to a licensed dental health plan or managed health care plan to provide carved-out managed dental care services by 2018.

Shifting the administration of the dental Medicaid program is a major undertaking with the potential to impact the oral health delivery of thousands of Washingtonians. To date, no comprehensive study has been conducted to illustrate the impact a carved-out managed dental care model would have on the patients and providers of our state. 

The proviso as written would significantly reduce the number of dollars spent on patient care in the dental Medicaid budget while increasing the dollars spent on administrative expenses.

The legislature needs time to learn from the experiences of other states and ensure appropriate sideboards are in place to increase the likelihood of success if a decision to outsource is made. Any decision regarding the future of Washington's dental Medicaid program needs to be a well-informed decision.

WSDA sent a letter to the Chair of the Senate Ways & Means Committee detailing our concerns regarding the proviso, but it is important that senators hear from you, too. Please take a moment to write your senator and ask them to oppose the dental Medicaid proviso as written. We have included a sample message, but you can still craft your own message before or after these points.

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