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Brush Your Armpits

Leah Bradley, the program director at Rochester’s Boys and Girls Club, has bystanders in stitches. She’s fun, has a great sense of humor and can get a kid back on track with just a sideways glance. In other words: she’s exactly who you want your kids to be around after school. 

The Washington Oral Health Foundation got a chance to meet this local celebrity while teaming up with a dental squad for Parent’s Night last week. Dr. Trisha Goldsby and Dr. Dave Franckum traveled in from Chehalis to conduct screenings for the kids during Parent Night. 

“Kids were eager to ask questions, and Dr. Franckum was great—he’s a total pro. This is what makes our partnership with the WSDA so invaluable,” explains Launa Lea, the Foundation’s programs coordinator. "Sure we can visit the community by ourselves, but it’s when we team up with the local practitioners that change can really happen.”  

Dr. Goldsby probably still gets carded when she goes out, but after talking with her for a bit, you may discover that she’s traveled to developing countries, received a medal for sheltering children while under fire in Haiti and was awarded with the honor of running with the 1996 Olympic torch through Tenino. 

“We are consistently blown away at the caliber of people who we get to meet out in the community,” Lea continues, “Dr. Franckum and Dr. Goldsby are stellar examples of the charitable kindness in this profession.” 

Thank you Dr. Ben Ruder for recruiting volunteers, the Rochester Club for having us out and of course, our supporters!  

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