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2017 House of Delegates Election & Resolution Results

The WSDA House of Delegates was held last week, September 14-16, at Skamania Lodge in Stevenson, WA. Please read below for election and resolution results. 

Elected Positions

11th District Trustee to the ADA Board of Trustees: 
Dr. Linda Edgar

WSDA President-elect: 
Dr. Christopher Delecki

WSDA Board of Directors:
Dr. Marissa Bender
Dr. Chris Dorow
Dr. John Gibbons
Dr. Christine Kirchner
Dr. Blake McKinley (1-year term)

Committee on Budget & Finance: 
Dr. Pat Sharkey

ADA Delegate:
Dr. Ted Baer
Dr. Marissa Bender (2-year term)
Dr. Amy Cook
Dr. Mary Smith

Congratulations to all those elected, and thank you to each member who ran for a position!

2018 WSDA Board of Directors (Not Pictured: Dr. Blake McKinley)

2018 WSDA Board of Directors (Not Pictured: Dr. Blake McKinley)

2017 Resolutions

HD-01-2017 - Rules for the House of Delegates – September 2017: ADOPTED

HD-02-2017 - Committees and Parliamentarian for Annual Meeting of House of Delegates - September 2017: ADOPTED AS AMENDED; replaced candidate Dr. Amy Cook with Dr. Mandy Alamwala on Credentials Committee

HD-03-2017 - Acceptance of WSDA Audit For the Year Ending September 30, 2016: ADOPTED

HD-04-2017 - WSDA 2017/2018 Budget: ADOPTED

HD-05-2017 - WSDA Dues for 2018 (Bylaw Amendment): ADOPTED

HD-06-2017 - Nominations for Elective Office: ADOPTED; nominated Dr. Pat Sharkey for Committee on Budget and Finance

HD-07-2017 - Location of the 2020 House of Delegates: ADOPTED

HD-08-2017 - WSDA Legislative Agenda for 2018: ADOPTED

HD-09-2017 - Staff Recognition: ADOPTED

HD-10-2017 - Nomination for Honorary Membership: ADOPTED

HD-11-2017 - Enhancing the Association’s Legislative and Regulatory Advocacy (Bylaws Amendment): ADOPTED

HD-12-2017 - Concerning the Committee on Pacific Northwest Dental Conference (Bylaw Amendment): ADOPTED

HD-13-2017 - Financial Audit Requirement (Bylaw Amendment): ADOPTED

HD-14-2017 - Mandatory Dues Contribution to DentPAC (Bylaw Amendment): ADOPTED

HD-15-2017 - WSDA Disability Support Program: ADOPTED AS AMENDED BY SUBSTITUTION;

RESOLVED, that the WSDA develop Disability Support Protocol by implementing the following four recommendations on a one-year trial basis:

1. The WSDA will assign the duty of Disability Coordinator to an existing staff member who can refer disabled dentists and their spouses to a Disability Support Dentist (DSD) for help. They will be knowledgeable on information on the ADA/WSDA website. They can also refer dentists to the AADD website at
2. Develop a list of Disability Support Dentists who are willing to aid dentists who are disabled. The list should be updated semi-annually. Include volunteer sign up information in routine print and electronic communications.
3. Include a detailed list of disability recommendations on the WSDA website that can be used as guidelines by disabled dentists and their spouses when they encounter a disabling illness or injury.
4. The WSDA will supply a phone number that would be answered only during working hours. The WSDA will make this number known to all membership in routine print and electronic communications.

HD-16-2017 - Sugar Education Program: ADOPTED

New Business - HD-17-2017 - House Support of WDS Members on the WSDA Board of Directors: ADOPTED;

Be it RESOLVED, that the 2017 House of Delegates commends and supports the actions undertaken by the WDS members on the WSDA Board of Directors regarding the WDS Initiative 

Be it further RESOLVED, that the 2017 House of Delegates supports continued advocacy on behalf of our members and their patients regarding third party benefit issues.

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