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Child's Play: Raising Serious Money While Having Fun At The House Of Delegates

Most people don't think of Rock, Paper, Scissors as anything other than a child's game, but most people aren't Dr. Greg Ogata, newly elected President of the WSDA. "It's fun, it gets people's blood flowing a little, and it's a nice break from the business of the House," said Ogata. This year's event raised $1,810 for WOHF, and included a battle royale between Conor McNulty of ODA and Bracken Killpack of WSDA. The ultimate winner (of bragging rights and a spot on the RPS plaque) was Dr. Negar Sherkat of Seattle-King County Dental Society.
It’s fun, it gets people’s blood flowing a little, and it’s a nice break from the business of the House.
— Dr. Greg Ogata

WSDA President Dr. Greg Ogata (far left) and House Speaker Dr. Mary Smith look on as WSDA Senior Vice President Bracken Killpack (light suit) and ODA Executive Director Conor McNulty (dark suit) battle it out in Rock, Paper, Scissors. Dr. Todd Irwin officiates.


Dr. Negar Sherkat wins decisively eight years ago, when the folks from the Washington Oral Health Foundation were looking for a quick, fun way to raise a little cash at the House of Delegates, it was Ogata who suggested that a quick round of RPS might be just the ticket. $11,400 later, child's play seems like an excellent idea.

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